Homestead Kitchen Cookbook
Volume 2 | Spring + Summer

real food.
real kitchens.
real people.

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Your Homestead Journey Essentials

Spring / Summer Cookbook

find fresh spring recipes, summer eats, and canning recipes from some of your favorite homesteaders.

DIY Homestead Projects Book

a collection of hands-on how-to's, build plans, and practical projects to jumpstart your homestead goals!

Fall / Winter Cookbook

a collaboration of over 30 homesteaders sharing some of their favorite recipes and inspiration from their kitchen, for yours.

The Homestead Curriculum

a collection of courses, guides, and e-books designed to help you begin and continue a thriving home-centered life

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Homestead Kitchen Cookbook Vol.2

Volume 02, Spring / Summer
Launching April 2024


DIY Homestead Projects Book

Coming Summer 2024

Putting your learning into action!
A how-to, DIY learning library of purposeful projects in the kitchen, around the home, and on the homestead!

Let this one-of-a-kind resource help you take action steps (big & small) toward your goals!

Learn, by doing hands-on projects, like:

  • brewing kombucha & ACV
  • starting a worm farm
  • soap & candle making
  • growing microgreens
  • building a chicken tractor
  • making herbal salves
  • how to home butcher
  • build a milking stanchion
  • make & can bone broth
  • create a 72 hr emergency kit
  • make a homemade spice collection
    and SO much more!

* This is a digital PDF downloadable book.

The Homestead Kitchen Cookbook

Volume 01, Fall + Winter
Available October 16 – 26

“There’s a timeless beauty in the way a homesteading woman embraces the heart of the home, nurturing her family through the art of cooking. Her hands, weathered by hard work, transform simple ingredients into nourishing meals.” Stacy, Provision Farm

Inside you’ll find 150+ pages, over 50 recipes, 15 articles, and stunning images from 31 inspiring homesteaders using their real homestead kitchens to nourish their families with real food.

Adorn your own kitchen with relatable, cold-season inspired meals and teachings from some of your favorite homesteading women.

Available October 16 – 26,
plus bonus dates December 5 – 7
* this is a digital PDF download. Click the link below for more details about printing.


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